Untitled 16 (Missed series)

Duncan McLaren Photography

I was on the westbound 501 car and you got on at Ossington. You had a beard and wore a hat with a marijuana leaf on it. I was the blonde in a blue hoodie sitting across from you reading Fab magazine. We kept looking at each other. This is a long shot, but if you see this. . .

The above quotation is from "Missed Connections," the classified ad section on craigslist.com for chance encounters. The tone is intimate, yet the postings can be read by limitless viewers in cyberspace.

Each image in the Missed series floats a word-for-word quotation over a photo of the location (a subway platform, a health club locker room, a Starbucks, an elevator) where the sighting took place. The writer gamely hopes for a response, thus reclaiming a missed opportunity. The postings can be straightforward, others are reflections triggered by the chance sighting of someone from the past. They can be tinged with longing and regret  And, of course, there is an underlying poignancy as we wonder how many of these anticipated meetings will ever take place.

This location: Central Y and Fire Station #314, Grosvenor Street, Toronto, 2009.